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05-31-18 4 compelling reasons for Russian Bride to choose exactly YOU!
While searching for their life partner Russian and Ukrainian girls are much more selective than men. Someone looks for features of their father in a partner, for someone prospects are more important, and some find their second half by SMELL.

1. Very often a woman, even without realizing it, chooses a man resembling her father, both in appearance and in character. Such a man is associated with comfort and reliability, which she was used to at her early age.

2. Masculinity. Young girls dream of courageous or even brutal men. But those Russian girls who have already become mothers, purely intuitively start looking for other men, with softer features and character. They think that such men will show greater concern for the child than men with masculine traits.

3. And yet in modern society, a person's social position, aspirations, and achievements are more important than appearance. According to research conducted by scientists from the University of Concordia (Canada), the partner's potential and even his ambitions give him more advantages in woman’s sight than just an attractive stature or face, which are, by the way, the main selection criteria for men.

4. Sometimes, contrary to all the above factors, women simply "feel" their partner, and the individual's odor becomes the main criterion of selection!

What conclusions can be drawn? In online dating it is very important to be able to see each other in person, it's important to be sincere and clearly know what you want from this communication, and what you can give to a future partner. And of course do not hesitate to meet your Russian beloved, because the odor can solve everything for you!


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