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11-28-08 12 major principles of healthy love between western men and his young Russian girl.
There are several principles on the basis of which there is a nice possibility to set up harmonious relationship and to avoid lots of mistakes.
Perspective relationships are those that promise to be lasting, stable and will bring happiness both partners. American psychologist Tracy Cabot defines 12 principles of healthy love that make a person happy and fill him with vitality.
1. When a person go into relationship, the life of each other should turn for the better.
2. Never try to buy love.
3. Avoid jealousy
4. While healthy relationship, both partners you and your young Russian women depend on each other equally.
5. Truly in love partner doesn’t require proves of other partner’s feelings in return. He proves his love himself.
6. Beware of thoughts to make some changes in your partner. If you turn your partner into someone else, remember, that there is a possibly that a new partner won’t have a desire to stay with you.
7. It’s difficult to love a person who is in depression all the time.
8. Both men and Russian wives do not like partner who may behave unpredictable.
9. Swiftly breaking out love runs out too fast.
10. If you partner learnt that he can treat you badly, to prove him the contrary will be very difficult.
11. If you have doubts in reasonability of some deed of you, it’s better to retrain from doing it and wait for the suitable moment or more suitable solution.
12. As a rule, people feel more comfortable with partners who are equal to them. The ones of the same social status and psychological antipodes. In other words your best match is the one who has your lever of education and origin. Your life values should be of the same nature. And psychological antipode will be stabilized your emotional state. An extravert needs an introvert, a pessimist longs for an optimist.
If you see that one of the principles are not followed, it’s better to think over your relationship.


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