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09-05-16 10 reasons to kiss with your hot Russian girlfriend
Kiss for romance
German scientists have proven that kissing makes a beneficial effect on a person's mood. At the University of Berlin, it was found that 20-second morning kiss creates a romantic mood for the whole day.
Pedantic Germans want to believe it.

Kissing and slimming
An innocent kiss on the cheek burns five calories. During a passionate kiss, you can burn up to 30 calories. Give up a tedious diet and start kissing!

Kiss and immunity
Kissing Lovers rarely go to the doctor. This is due to the fact that while kissing the neuropeptides are produced in the body, they destroy bacteria and various viruses. Kiss and strengthen the immune system.

Adrenaline Kiss
A passionate kiss in the brain causes the same chemical reaction that skydiving or pistol shooting. As a result, adrenaline level increases in blood, and this contributes to the physical and mental activity. Make love and not War!

Kiss from pain
Kissing a loved one can act as a painkiller that is 200 times stronger than morphine. Therefore, if you have a headache, just ask your man to kiss you.

Kiss of silence
The best way to avoid answering or make the man keep silence is the kiss. The quarrels and unpleasant explanation can be avoided with the help of kisses.

Family kiss
According to statistics, 40% of couples consider French kiss to be one of the main manifestations of love. Psychologists, in turn, assured that "deep" kissing is a certain emotional outburst, which is the best prevention of divorces.

Orgasm from kissing
94% of women receives sexual pleasure from kissing. And some ladies even reach orgasm with the help of kissing. About 1-2% of women come across this phenomenon. And even if you do not belong to their number, Kiss and enjoy the process.

Heart kiss
Kiss is an excellent training for the cardiovascular system of a person.
While kissing a man’s pulse quickens significantly - up to 150-180 beats per minute for women and up to 110-120 beats for men. Therefore, kisses help prevent such diseases as vegetative-vascular dystonia, and disorders associated with blood circulation in the human body.

Kisses from stress
American psychologist Eric Berne asserts that kiss is an important ritual in the life of any person. According to him, the kiss of a loved one is the best cure for stress and depression.
The same conclusion was reached by the famous Professor Walter Toman. He dedicated his life to the struggle with emotional tension. Toman even created a special course called anti-stress. And kissing practice plays an important role in this course.


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