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06-20-19 10 Signs of a Real Russian Woman
Below we have made up a list of signs of this Russian woman. Read and understand whether you met this real girl on our dating site:

A real Russian woman should be feminine. Moreover, in this matter the experts define quite clear criteria such as: she should “look and behave in accordance with her gender”, she must have “long hair, a gentle smile, and a gentle voice”.

A real Russian woman should be wise. Well, we all know that it means to pretend, to be silent, to endure and to close our eyes to blatant male misdeeds like adultery and other troubles.

This Russian woman must have individuality and zest.
She should be a flirt, perfectly fluent in “the language of non-verbal signals, with the help of which she can say much more to a man than with the help of words”.

A real Russian woman should be the guardian of the family hearth, should be able to create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort.

A real Russian woman should have a wide range of interests, she should be highly cultured, high toned, highly spiritual, as well as well-educated, erudite, “experienced in theory and practice”.

A real Russian woman should be attractive externally, while “the inner content should correspond to the external appearance”. According to one theory all women present themselves either as "I am beautiful" or as "I am smart." So the real woman presents herself from the position “I am beautiful”.

A real Russian woman "creates the illusion of touching helplessness and vulnerability, causing the man to want to perform exploits and inviting him to the game" Hero and Princess”.

A real Russian woman - real from the skin on the heels to the ends of the hair on the head - a great expert in the field of determining the authenticity of women explains to us, - She lives a natural life, understands her privileged position among other women.

A real Russian woman has a charming power. Have you already noticed it in your bride?

Well, is this woman your mailorder bride? Finally, the most important advice to you is no matter if your women is real or not, look into your heart, only its feelings matters! Be happy!


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