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07-06-08 00:00 Ivan Kupala’s holiday on the night of the 6/7 July is popular holiday where your Russian ladies and Ukrainian women
Ivan Kupala’s holiday is an ancient folk holiday in the country of your Russia brides, Ukrainian mail order brides and Belarus women. It is the most cheerful and sexual night of the year, the night of enjoyment and admiration. It is vibrated on the night of 6/7 July in the Gregorian calendar, which is currently 23/24 June in the Julian or calendar. It is opposed to the winter solstice holiday. It is considered to be the holiday of pagan origin marking the end of the summer solstice and the beginning of the harvest. Kupalo was believed to be the god of love and of the harvest and the personification of the earth's fertility. In compliance with popular belief, Kupalo night holiday was the only time of the year when the earth revealed its secrets and made ferns bloom to mark places where its treasures were buried, and the only time when trees spoke and even moved and when witches gathered. In ancient time Ivan Kupalo night was the night when free love got popular sanction. On the eve unmarried young men and russian girls and Ukrainian ladies gathered outside the village in the forest or near a stream or pond. There they built ‘Kupalo fire around which they performed ritual dances and sang ritual songs, often erotic. Russian brides and men leaped over the fires, bathed in the water that signifies purification, and played physical games with obviously sexual connotations. The fires were also used to burn herbs gathered in the previous year and various items of no further use, particularly those that had been blessed with holy water and could therefore not be discarded by normal means. The fires were never extinguished, but were always allowed to smolder out. On the eve russian girlfriends and Ukrainian brides wore scented herbs and flowers to attract the men and adorned their hair with garlands of freshly cut flowers. Later they divined their fates according to what happened to the garlands which they had sent flowing on the water.In many countries there are similar holidays but they have a bit different names, some people call it the holiday of Dew, other decorate pussy-willow and dance around it with traditional songs. Some go to the high mountains and arrange mass witches’ assemblies.


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