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Yevgeniya_Charm5, 25 y/o from Sumy, Ukraine
Single girl Yevgeniya, 25 yrs.old from Sumy, Ukraine
Nice lady Yevgeniya, 25 yrs.old from Sumy, Ukraine
Pretty bride Yevgeniya, 25 yrs.old from Sumy, Ukraine
Nice mail order bride Yevgeniya, 25 yrs.old from Sumy, Ukraine
Sexy lady Yevgeniya, 25 yrs.old from Sumy, Ukraine
Sexy girl Yevgeniya, 25 yrs.old from Sumy, Ukraine
Hot miss Yevgeniya, 25 yrs.old from Sumy, Ukraine
If you get to know me, meet me in real, you will feel some sort of subtle energy I radiate. It may be due to my exceptionally gentle and kind nature, or that special delicacy and grace I possess, but most likely it is due to unique womanly charisma and unfading optimism. I just prefer to visualize ideal outcomes and happy endings, not dire consequences and believe that when you put a smile out there, you get a smile back. I never give up and I am sure that having a joyful attitude, certain flexibility and stamina there are no difficulties one cannot cope with. I am able to be spontaneous and playful in a good way, I like surprises, experiments and a bit of mystery. I hope that my future partner will find me inspiring and fascinating, and I will put all my efforts to surround him with affection and care, understanding and hearted warmth. I am faithful and appreciate true, devoted relationships, sincerity and honesty. I am helpful and supportive and my future partner can rely on me in any life situations. My life motto is, “Whatever you do, do it well”. I am quite hard-working, persistent, and accurate.

I adore home atmosphere and I am able to create it adding that unique woman's touch. I am never bored doing household chores as I do it listening to good music. I obtained wonderful skills in cooking and I really enjoy it. When I foresee my future I usually visualize myself doing things in a state of good health and I try to do all my best in order to stay fit and healthy. I do roller-blading professionally, I exercise regularly, attend gym, I love long walks and tourism. I really enjoy being outdoors, organizing a picnic. I like to read, especially psychological literature, books about healthy food, health improvement. I also love to learn new facts of history. I also enjoy going to the cinema to watch a good movie, to a gallery or an exhibition.

Ideal match description:
I would like to meet a real man with a loving, gentle, sincere nature, the one who will not be closed up about his feelings, who will be free to share emotions and thoughts with his partner, be positive and easy-going. I have traditional values and I believe that a man should play the main role in a relationship, be the head of a future family - I would like to feel defended, supported and cared of being with him. I would like him to have mature views to life and relationship, be confident, dependable and trustworthy, to treat me with kindness and understanding.

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